Sunday, August 9, 2015

Video: Garage Interview with Jake Namer

JAKE INTERVIEW from carlosfoxworthy on Vimeo.

Film By: Carlos Foxworthy

The interview filmed and edited by Carlos Foxworthy posted here captures some insight into Jake Namer's passion for motorsports with highlights from NASA Time Trials in the Hamfist Racing Mazda GT/ST/TT RX7.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Two Year Recap

By: Jake Namer

1. Dave Corsaro won the F-Street 2014 SCCA Solo National Championship in the SJF/HamfistRacing/Autox4u Camaro SS 1LE.

2. Hamfist Racing expanded to build a team of the strongest, fastest and most dedicated racers in the NYC tristate area. The expansion of team Hamfist Racing has made campaigning nationally an even more enjoyable experience. We use collaborative tuning and racing efforts and share in pride and celebration of our podium finishes. We always have a great time together as a racing family on and off track and in the garage. Team drivers include, in no particular order:Dave Corsaro, Alex Kang, Joe Ottofaro, Steve Farkas, Don Slevin, Evan Schickel, Grant Winston, Rob Horvath, Heidi Ellison, Daniel Stainback, Jeff Hurst, Matt Klein, Chris Carmenini, Keith Strum, Josh Lipman, Charles Sudano, Eric Simmons, Ron Zaras, Yury Kholondyrev, Carlos Foxworthy, Randy Petchauer, GJ Dixon, Josh Ostrowsky, Chris Vandervolk, Will Emmons, James Tadad, Ben Lesnak, Joseph Wong, Josh Thal-Pruzan,  Caitlin Brown, Dawn Ammirata, Sandro La Rosa, Elena La Rosa, Rich Wayne and I. 

3. Did I mention "garage"? Yeah, we got that covered now. More on the Garage Mahal in future posts. 4. SJF Performance is the official racing performance alignment and corner balancing shop of all motorsports in the world. 

5. Bridgestone RE71R's are also known as Hoosierstones. If you don't have them, you need them unless you're on Hoosiers, obviously. 

6. Tube-chassis 7's Only Mazda GT/ST/TT RX7 is in the garage doing circuit duty in NASA TT3/2/1/U and ST3/2/1.

7. Who has two thumbs and a provisional NASA competition license? THIS GUY (thumbs his chest). 8. 2015 SCCA Solo National Championships are now less than one month away and the entire team is more excited than ever. See you all in Lincoln, if not sooner. 

9. Carlos Foxworthy borrowed an expensive video camera and strangely requested the Tube-chassis 7's Only Mazda GT/ST/TT RX7 and I be the subjects of his first film projects. More on that in future posts. 

10. New Hamfist Racing logo was released. Designed by Dan Stainback and approved by everyone and no one at the same time.