Monday, July 20, 2009

Hamfist Racing Goes To Waterfest... Blowing Hot Air.

By: Jake Namer

This weekend Hamfist Racing had a small presence at Waterfest at Raceway Park, Englishtown, NJ. For those who aren't apprised of the German hot hatch culture in the US, Waterfest is a exhibition and motorsports festival for Audi and Volkswagen cars. A couple of us volunteered to work the autocross competition (the only competition that matters). We figured it best not to show up with a Japanese ride at such an event, so I called in a favor to a friend of mine who just came across a 1976 VW Beetle convertible, Bicentennial Edition.

Bug Butt (Photo By: Bob Macmillan)

Upon arriving at Raceway Park we quickly realized that there was something to the name Waterfest that us JDM lovers didn't quite understand. Air cooled cars were not welcome here and we had tomatoes thrown at us all day by water cooled Jetta's and Golf's (dramatic interpretation).

I paid no mind to the hate and drove the bug with pride flashing two-fingered peace signs palm facing out (as opposed to the knuckles-out peace sign used by gangsters and players) to all who dared glance at the blasphemous bug.

While the bug sat around looking pretty myself and the other instructors reeked havoc in other people's rides.

Three Wheel Stand in Stranger's Car (Photo By: Ciotti)

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