Friday, June 11, 2010

Capital Punishment in DC: Northeast Divisional Championship

Some drivers can do more with less. Co-founder Dave Corsaro is one of those drivers, having regularly dominated classes like HS in a street tire shroud Honda Fit, AS on a Toyo R888s, and STR in a stock sprung S2000. Despite his reputation for hamfisting the competition with under-prepared cars, Dave decided he was going to show the autox community what he could do behind the wheel of a "fully" prepared vehicle. His STR Honda S2000 was blessed with some air freighted coilover suspension from Japan's top performance parts manufacturer, HKS. Secondly, running the wrong rubber this year was out of the question. Dunlop made it easy for him to outfit his new 18x9 SSR wheels with the right treads (no pun intended).

A midnight-last-minute corner balance and alignment at Johnson Scale, in the great tradition of team Hamfist Racing, tied up all the loose ends. That weekend the car was rolling down I95 on it's competition rubber to make a run for the divisional championship in Washington DC. Needless to say, everything came together beautifully. By day one he had over 1.5 second lead. Day two was no different, sweeping a field of eight STR driver gunning for the championship. Dave Corsaro had won his first Divisional Championship, Congratulations! Next stop Nebraska.

2010 SCCA Northeast Division Solo Championship Results