Friday, July 20, 2012

Ken Block: Gymkhana 5

We all know Ron Zaras is the real hot shoe behind the Monster Ford Fiesta!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tri-Point Engineering Front Sway Bar and Video's from NYR SCCA

The new Tri-Point Engineering front sway bar was installed on the Hamfist Racing SSM Mazda RX7. The bar was set to full stiff to try and settle the rear end of the car, which has plagued the RX7 with tail happy unpredictability since the front tire size was augmented to 315/30/18. First impression: The car seems to have worked well. The front body roll was significantly reduced yet the car pivots on turn in very sharply. The car took FTD overall 93 drivers at the July 7th 2012 Solo race event at the Nassau Coliseum. The fastest lap was a 52.9XX second lap. Here are a couple of videos from the morning heat runs (not the fastest lap). The surface was full of rocks and gravel. Warning, this video contains adult language, a terrible camera mount, a dirty rear windshield and dismal 1htz sampling rate for the GPS. Parental consent is advised. Enjoy.