Thursday, January 27, 2011

ProSolo Invades Dirty Jerz: SCCA Stampede

By: Jake

With the DC ProSolo nixed from the 2011 SCCA ProSolo tour, tons of East Coast autocrossers might be wondering where they will get their six minutes of ProSolo-Drag-Launch-Head-to-Head thrills this year. The SCCA has decided to appease the NYC metropolitan area with a ProSolo at the Meadowlands just across the Hudson. Registration will open for SCCA passport holder March 8th and for all else March 22nd. If history has taught us anything, it's that East Coast ProSolo's are in extraordinarily high demand. Expect the SCCA servers to crash the morning of March 22nd (Topeka time) when the stampede is released. Don't forget to mark your calenders. I'll be faxing my registration to avoid the server issues. I suggest Hamfist Racing readers do the same to secure your place in grid.