Sunday, March 19, 2017

Catching up on old news.

Something big happened and I forgot to blog about it here. I managed to reign in the 2015 Super Street Modified Solo National Champion driving the 1993 Mazda RX-7 following in the wake of the 2014 jacket from Corsaro in his F Street Camaro. It was an adventure to get there. It was exhausting and I embarrassingly never made it back to the website to share the good news and the string of breakage and car failures leading up to the win. Major thanks goes out for the support of all the Hamfist drivers helping along the way including Dave Corsaro, Alex Kang, Steve Farkas at SJF Performance, Sandro La Rosa for lending me his cars ECU and all the tuning hardware and software, Joe Ottofaro, Heidi Ellison, Eric Simmons, Evan Schickel, Dan Stainback, Josh Lipman, Charles Sudano and others. Some of you really went above and beyond and the others were always there to keep the smiles rolling - and nothing is more important than that in this game. Thanks to the entire NNJR SCCA region and Jeff Yatsko for accommodating my annoying breakage and re-testing in the wrong heats. Thanks to IRPerformance and Speed1 for troubleshooting my ridiculously possessed ECU (and the random Puerto Rican rotary guru guy at the shop next door to IRP). Thanks to Mazda Motorsports, Hoosier Tires, Hawk Performance and OS Giken for all the contingency support over the years. Thanks to Jaxe & Co, Alfa, HGU - A New York Hotel for the sponsorships. Thanks Dave Barninger (and his team Kyle, Jordan and Chris) for helping a clueless fool create such a monstrous car over the years. Most of all thanks to my wife who held down the fort with the little man and one other in the oven while I dodged cones with a purpose in Nebraska. 

More updates to follow on Hamfist happenings.