Monday, July 25, 2011

Hoosier Vs. Goodyear Battle Updates

By: Jake

It's nearly August. The 2011 SCCA Solo National Championships are a month away. I have yet to see - let alone drive - a Goodyear Eagle RS autocross tire at a single event here in the northeast. Activity in the west coast, however, is sending mixed signals. The results are up from the Packwood ProSolo in Washington state. SSM driver Andy Mckee, having won on Goodyears new Eagle RS tire early in the season, is shown competing on Hoosiers in Packwood very successfully. Mckee took the class win over nationally ranked SSM competitor Duke Langley and posted a near-top-pax-finish overall. Meanwhile Bump 1 and Bump 2 classes in Packwood were dominated by two cars (one F Stock the other Super Stock) sporting the new Goodyear stickies.

There is little time to test and tune for those who haven't experimented (east coast drivers, I am looking in your direction). It appeared that only after the 2011 SCCA Solo National Championships would we know who makes the best rubber in town; however, Tire Rack is working in collaboration with Grassroots Motorsports on a formal tire test will be on newstands mid August. Let's just hope that Championships are not determined by the "haves" and the "have-nots" since it seems getting your paws on a set of the Eagle RS tire is easier said than done.