Saturday, March 10, 2012

2012 SCCA Solo Season Goes Hot

By: Jake
This morning the green flag is waved at South Georgia Motorsports Park starting the 2012 Tire Rack SCCA Solo National Tour "Road to Lincoln" with the Dixie National Tour event. Announcer comments and real-time scoring can be enjoyed courtesy of Chase Cam at the links below. Super Stock, Street Touring R, Street Touring X and, my favorite, Super Street Modified will be among the most hotly contested classes.

Friday, March 2, 2012

NASA Northeast 2012 Time Trial Season Updates

Time Trial Racers,

NASA Northeast is excited to announce the Time Trial program is changing for the better in the 2012 season, including MORE TRACK TIME, MORE CONTINGENCY SPONSORS, SUPER-SIZE OPTIONS FOR RACERS/INSTRUCTORS, MORE COMPETITION, and SMOOTH OPERATIONS. Keep reading for more info.

For starters, every competition day that TT is combined with either HPDE4 or Instructors, Time Trial drivers will have an added 15-Minute TT-Only Session - typically toward the end of the day/afternoon. This means TT competitors will get an additional 15 minutes of quality track time each day over the HPDE4 or Instructors. This is our response to the TT driver comments expressed in 2011 on how to improve the program and help TT drivers get the best bang for their buck. This format will allow many drivers to set new track records and fast laps.

We also have new pricing ($50/weekend) for Instructors and Racers who wish to Super-Size their weekend with TT racing (see registration page to get super-sized). We hope this pricing structure will bring increased participation from the Instructor and Racer groups. Our goal for the 2012 season is to create a steady TT Only run group with 25+ drivers every weekend. We expanded a lot in 2011 and hope to explode in 2012, but we need your help and participation.

Our comprehensive list of NASA contingencies are available at We are especially pleased to announce the Hoosier Tire Contingency Program for NASA competitors is back in 2012. The program will award each open tire class with up to 3 free tires per race. This generous contingency program continues on with Hoosier's fantastic support of NASA competitors. The program is for all open tire class competitors at each regional NASA event (each day is it's own TT race event). Other new additions and noteworthy TT sponsors include Goodyear Racing Tire, Mazdaspeed (championships only), Yokohama, Hawk, AST Suspension and Toyo Tires!!!!!!

Our timing and scoring department will be posting results a minimum 15-20 minutes BEFORE the following TT run session. Having results posted faster and in advance of the next session will allow drivers to access their competitive position and properly stage in the grid lanes. Grid staging protocol has been formalized this season. TT drivers will be allowed to grid in the staging lanes in qualified order (fastest to slowest based on previous lap times) 10 minutes BEFORE HPDE4 or Instructors will be allowed in the lanes (assuming a combined run group scenario). This protocol has been discussed in detail with the Grid Chief. They will be looking for your "TT" designation on front bumpers to allow you in the lanes, so make sure it's there. NASA officials will be using the pace car for all session turnovers (not just Race Groups). This will formalize the TT pit out process particularly when pitting out with HPDE4 on the tail end of the staging lanes. More details on this to follow.

This season we will offer official TT Log Books. Log Books will be available at Tech/ Registration at our 2012 opening event, April 21/22. TT Log Books are required if you plan on doing an annual tech OR if you plan on going to the 2012 NASA National Championships. Drivers without annual tech / Log Books will be required to drive-thru tech each event.
Please remember to renew your TT Licenses, or other qualified NASA competition license, online for the 2012 season through "Member Login" at If you need to apply for your first license (HPDE4 drivers moving to TT), please print an application from here complete it and email or fax 212-242-0055 to me asap. The 2012 TT Rule Book & Classification Forms are now available online at

EVERYONE must complete a 2012 Classification Form (even if nothing on your car changed since last year). Please email or fax 212-242-0055 your 2012 Classification Form for my records asap. I prefer to have these on file before you get to registration. I will not be happy if you ask me for a blank form Saturday morning, the day of the race.

Please make sure you have your class and number on all 4 sides of your cars (eg. "TTR 199") and make sure you have at minimum two(2) NASA RACE stickers on each bumper (and one on each side if you are running for contingency prizes). If needed, I will have NASA RACE stickers for sale ($1 or $2 each if I recall) on site at registration.

Drivers, you MUST communicate your transponder and class/number information with Timing and Scoring Director Mike Torricelli at IF you: a) are new to TT this season, or b) are Super-Sizing from a Race Group, or c) your transponder changed, or d) you need to change your race number

I am looking forward to a great season with many new and familiar faces!
NASA Northeast
Time Trial Director