Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Retrospect of 2009 Print Media Coverage for Hamfist Racing & It's Drivers

By: Jake

The 2009 race season has faded to just a fond memory by now. Many racers have retired to their man-caves to diligently tweak and tune their setups in preparation for the 2010 race season. has been updated with a Retrospect of 2009 Print Media Coverage for Hamfist Racing & it's drivers. In this latest posting you will find magazine cuts of articles featuring autocross and time attack events from Grassroots Motorsports Magazine, DSport Magazine, Performance Auto & Sounds Magazine, 0-60 Magazine and Sports Car Magazine. Please enjoy these articles at your leisure. Happy New Year!

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Grassroots Motorsports Magazine February 2010

Grassroots Motorsports Magazine December 2009

Performance Auto & Sound Magazine November 2009

DSport Magazine November 2009

Sports Car Magazine November 2009

Grassroots Motorsports Magazine October 2009

0-60 Magazine Fall 2009

Sports Car Magazine October 2009

Sports Car Magazine September 2009

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