Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New 2011 SCCA Solo Racing Contingency Program

The SCCA released the 2011 contingency sponsorship programs for Solo & ProSolo racing last week. The roster includes the usual suspects, including some of our personal favorites including Mazdaspeed, Hawk Performance, AST Suspension & Hoosier Tire. Hamfist Racing would like to thank each and every sponsor. You are all in good form and understand what it takes to successfully market and promote your products!

SCCA Official Release Statement Feb. 18th 2011:

"With the season-opening event for the 2011 Tire Rack SCCA National Solo season just a few weeks away, participants should register now to be eligible for the thousands of dollars in contingency payouts.

Tire Rack SCCA ProSolo National Series

As part of its across-the-board Platinum SCCA contingency program, Volkswagen offers both event and year-end prizes for drivers finishing in the top three in either class or Gumout Super Challenge competition. Drivers taking a class win in one of 16 eligible classes earn $400. Should they take the Gumout Super Challenge, they win $800. Year-end class winners can also garner another $1,000 for doing it in a Volkswagen, with the year-end Challenge winner grabbing a $5,000 prize.

Honda, also a Platinum contingency sponsor, will pay $500 for a Super or Ladies Challenge win in each event, and $150 for a class win. Year-end class and challenge champions could take home $500 from Honda.

Longtime SCCA supporter Hawk Performance offers up $100 in product credit to any class or Gumout Super Challenge winner displaying Hawk Performance decals.

Bridgestone will post $500 for a Challenge win, as well as cash for a top three finish in any Street Touring class. Win a season-long class or Challenge title, and take home another $1,000.

Toyo Tires matches Bridgestone’s posting for Tire Rack ProSolo Street Touring® participants with its Silver level Contingency program.

Hoosier, Kumho, Mazdaspeed and TRD each post Bronze level programs, meaning registration and redemption are handled through those companies directly.

Kumho offers product credit for class and Challenge wins at events, including a $600 credit for a win in the Street Touring category. Hoosier offers two tires for a class win and one for a second-place finish. Event Gumout Super Challenge, year-end point Champions and Finale class winners each take four tires with a win.

Mazdaspeed will again pay out class, Challenge and year-end awards ranging from $200 for a class event win to $800 for a point championship. Likewise, TRD will pay class and year-end awards ranging from $200 to $1,000 for competitors in Toyota vehicles.

Tire Rack SCCA Solo National Tour

In Tire Rack Solo National Tour competition, Volkswagen will pay up to $500 for a class win and $300 for second place for VW drivers in any of 34 eligible classes.

Bridgestone, Toyo and Yokohama will each pay out top three finishes in the Street Touring Category, with $300 going to the winner.

AST Suspension continues as a contingency sponsor, offering the top-three finishers in eligible classes product certificates, with a $500 award going to class winners.

Like AST, Hoosier and Mazdaspeed also offer Bronze packages. Winners on Hoosier tires win a pair of tires, with a single tire going to second-place finishers. Mazda will pay a National Tour class winner $200 for a win and $100 for a second place finish.

Kumho Tires offers product credits to top-three in class finishers, rewarding the Street Touring Category with $600 in credit to champions, and $400 and $300 for second and third. All other classes receive $300, $200, and $150 in credit for a top three finish.

In addition to the National program contingencies, Bridgestone and Toyo Tires have also posted programs for the Tire Rack SCCA Divisional Solo Championships that matches their National Tour payouts.

For complete details on all of these contingency programs, visit www.scca.com/solo and click the “contingencies” link. A link for online registration is available there as well.

The 2011 Tire Rack SCCA Solo National Tour begins March 12, with the Dixie National Tour in Adel, Ga. The Tire Rack SCCA ProSolo National Series begins with the Mineral Wells Pro Solo, March 26, in Mineral Wells, Texas."

2011 SCCA Solo contingency registration forms and additional info available HERE

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