Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New for 2012: SCCA's Road Tire classes in Solo

By: David Corsaro

For years, SCCA members have voiced their opinions regarding tire allowances in Stock classes. Most of the grumblings stem mainly from those who are just fed up using expensive rubber with a short competitive lifespan on cars with the least allowances in Solo. I emphasize 'competitive' because the window for peak grip is very early and narrow in the life of a typical R-compound autocross tire.

While I do not support removing R-compound tires from Stock classes(that is way worse than upsetting the apple cart... more like setting the orchard on fire), I do feel that the Club should provide an outlet for those who need their concerns addressed. It's by far not a perfect solution, but at least one the SCCA can hone in on and gauge the direction it needs to go in order to keep members happy and most importantly, generate new memberships.

The new classes are as follows:

Road Tire AWD (RTA)
Road Tire FWD (RTF)
Road Tire RWD (RTR)

I will be supporting two of those classes this season using my 2010 Mitsubishi Evo X SE in RTA, as well as my 2012 Toyota Yaris SE in RTF.

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