Friday, August 10, 2012

World Time Attack Action at Eastern Creek Raceway, Sydney Austrailia

By: Jake

During the first day of action at the World Time Attack in Sydney Austrailia, the Nemo Racing Mitsubishi Evolution IX seems to be running away with the event. The car blasted a 1:25.74 second lap, more than three seconds faster than the previous record holder and world champion, Tarzan Yamada and the Cyber Evo. The 900 all-wheel horsepower Nemo Racing Evo is playing in it's backyard representing the Austrian contingent at the event. Appearing more like a fish than a car, the Nemo Racing Evo (appropriately named car, possibly after Nemo the animated fish) is the most radical time attack car Hamfist Racing has ever seen. By tomorrow a champion will be crowned. Our money is on Nemo.

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  1. Breathtaking! That was fast. This is the most dangerous and most challenging sport in the world! Haha. I salute you for having that deep passion and courage towards this kind of sport. I hope you still take into consideration some safety tips in car racing like wearing proper gears especially the helmet. So, when would be your next race? Good luck on your next car race! : )