Wednesday, May 20, 2009

WTF is Hamfist Racing?

Hamfist Racing is a home for hamfisted drivers to discuss and report on performance automotive racing and tuning. We have a specific concentration on time trial racing, solo, autocross, rallycross branches of motorsports however all forms of motorsports talk are welcome. Hamfist Racing features noteworthy drivers, vehicles, and events associated with numerous racing organizations including SCCA, NASA, Redline Time Attack, and others. Hamfist Racing is a collaborative blog in place to keep people informed as to all the race happenings in our little world and racing and the crazy antics that go hand and hand. Anyone interested in coverage, placement, writing, issuing sponsorships, or posting feel free to let me know or post directly. For those of you not actively involved in racing, please just enjoy the content and feel free to comment.

The official site is:
The official email is:


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  2. Now you need to get that banner in vinyl and put it on your windshield!

  3. That windshield space is reserved for "The Tire Rack" per SCCA rules but some Hamfist Racing vinyl and Tee's are in progress. I'll let you all know when they are available.