Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Super Street Modified '93 Mazda RX7


Year: 1993
Make: Mazda
Model: RX-7
Color: Brilliant Black
Horsepower: 424 whp

Weight: 2590 lbs
Owner: Jake

*HGU A New York Hotel -

*SJF Performance -

*Alfa Development

*Jaxe and Company
*Mazda Motorsports Development
*Hoosier Racing Tires
*Speed1 Allentown
*OS Giken
*Hawk Performance

National Ranking:
*1st Place - NATIONAL CHAMPION - 2015 SCCA Solo National Championship - Super Street Modified
*2nd Place - 2014 SCCA Solo National Championship - Super Street Modified
*2nd Place - 2012 SCCA ProSolo Championship - Super Street Modified
*3rd Place - 2012 SCCA Solo National Championship - Super Street Modified

Handling Modifications:
* Penske 8300 Double Adjustable Coilovers
* Tri-Point Engineering Front Sway Bar
* Tri-Point Engineering Front Adjustable Endlinks
* Widefoot Front Sway Bar Mount
* Reinforced Upper Control Arm Mounting Points
* Super Now Front Offset Lower Control Arm Pillowball Bushings

* Super Now Front Upper Control Arm Pillowball Bushings
* Rotary Extreme Rear Toe Links
* Offset Rear Trailing Arms

Wheels and Tires Front

* 18"x11" CCW Classic Race
* 315/30/18 Hoosier A6

Wheels and Tires Rear
* 18"x12" Rota P45R
* 335/30/18 Hoosier A6

Braking Modifications:
* Hawk HP+ Pads
* Goodridge Stainless Steel Brakelines

Engine Modifications:
* High Compression S4 NA Rotors
* RX8 Lightweight Eccentric Shaft
* Speed1 Allentown Streetport and Polishing
* 2mm RP Apex Seals and Springs
* HKS Twin Power Ingition Amplifier
* Apexi Power FC ECU
* GM 3-Bar Map Sensor
* Greddy Profec Boost Controller
* 1600cc X 2 and 850cc x 2 Injectors
* KG Parts Fuel Rail
* KG Part Fuel Pressure Regulator
* Nippondenso 280lbs/hr Fuel Pump
* Speed1 Allentown Custom Full 4" Turbo-Back Exhaust
* K and N Intake w/ Custom Tubing, Shrouding and Insulation
* Custom V-Mount M2 Intercooler
* Custom V-Mount Radiator
* Tweak It Racing Air Pump Delete Pulley
* Oil Catch Can
* Hyperion Fuel Surge Tank Cover
* Custom 10 Gallon Fuel Tank
* Garrett GT35R
* Dual Tial External Wastegates (10.5 lbs springs)
* Custom Tubular Exhaust Manifold w/ Ceramic Coating
* Turbo XS RFL Blow-off Valve
* Custom Removable 4" High-Flow Catalytic Converter
* Custom Removable 4" Downturn
* Custom Removable 4" Magnaflow Muffler

Drivetrain Modifications:
* Stainless Steel Braided Clutch Line
* Royal Purple Transmission Fluid 75W-90
* OS Giken Differential Fluid
* Exedy Stage 2 Racing Clutch
* Lightweight Flywheel
* Hockey Puck Motor Mounts
* Banzai Racing Oil Pan Brace
* Custom Cryo-Treated 4.44 Ring and Pinion
* Rotary Performance Solid Race Differential Mount Bushings
* OS Giken Super Lock 1.5 Way LSD
* Tweakit Racing Differential Cradle/Brace
* Custom Speed1 Allentown Reinforced Powerplant Frame

Exterior Modifications:
* 35% Window Tints
* Lightweight Vented Hood (coming soon)
* Pettit Racing Rear Fender Flares
* Carbon Fiber Front Fenders
* Custom AJ Hartman Aero Wing and Splitter
* Custom Reverse Vented / Lightened Hood

Interior Modifications:

* Autometer Boost and Water Temperature Gauges
* Apexi Power FC Commander
* Greddy Profec Boost Controller

Other Modifications / Maintenance:
* Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Tender Battery
* ATE Super Blue Racing Brake Fluid
* Amsoil High-Zinc 10W30
* Emissions Delete

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