Monday, August 15, 2011

Hoosier Win's GRM Tire Battle

By Jake

Grassroots Motorsports Magazine reports tire test results in their latest issue, the Hoosier A6 is one second faster than a Goodyear Eagle RS! The folks at Grassroots Motorsports graciously decided to test the Hoosier A6 tire versus the new kid on the block, Goodyear Eagle RS, to determine who's got the best D.O.T. legal rubber for autocrossers. Limited supply had prevented many from experimenting, but GRM came to the rescue releasing the results of the test just weeks before the Tire Rack SCCA Solo National Championships. The GRM Mazda MX-5 preppared for SCCA Solo competition in STR class was the test mule for the battle. The results were staggering. On a fifty-five second course the Hoosier ran over one second faster than the Goodyear. Our favorite home brewed American tire manufacturer emerged victorious. I know what I will be running at the Tire Rack SCCA Solo National Championships!


  1. Why use a car prepped for STR to test Hoosier A6 tires? I would run a performance bar on a different setting for street vs. race tires. I'm a bit surprised by your test vehicle selection.

  2. The fact that they used a car that wasn't dialed in to either tire just goes to help neutralize the battle field between the two players. If a car was completely dialed in for a Hoosier A6, and then a Goodyear were thrown on, the car would likely suffer without significant tuning time.