Thursday, August 25, 2011

Third Time's a Charm?

by: David Corsaro

Chances are high that this old adage has been uttered by most of you reading this. Thousands of scenarios may summon this little phrase in times of much needed luck or good karma, usually when exhibiting a skill or talent. Even everyday tasks like closing a door, or walking your over-fed dog around the block more than twice trying to get it to... you know.

During these final days of August, Jake and I will be making our third visit to Nationals since 2009. In two prior visits, I have struggled trying to find my usual comfort zone. When I am not comfortable, I am not confident. When I am not confident, I am slow(er). The onboard video of my Nationals' runs last year were really uncharacteristic of my driving at every other event. Immediately after Nationals, I made some very simple changes to my car (and to myself) that allowed me to drive with confidence once again. Live and learn.

Jake, Elena, and I will be driving the Hamfist Racing RX7 at Nationals this year. I would like to thank Jake, once again, for letting me co-drive his car. I have made a few rogue passes with this monster, up and down an unnamed parking lot in New Jersey. The car is fantastic with the new setup and I am eager to compete with it.

We are all going into this, first and foremost, to have fun but also while leaving nothing on the table. Let this be the year for Hamfist Racing... third time's a charm!!!

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