Tuesday, July 28, 2009

'09 Toledo ProSolo

By: Jake

After the 1st session for STU Ridgick and I broke out of the pack by 1.7 seconds and we were separated by 15 thousandths.

Going forward everyone improved, naturally. Unfortunately for me I finished up on the left with fast dirty runs. Woulda shoulda coulda not wobbled that last cone at the finish out of the box on my 27.1xx left side run for a 7 tenths pick up. On the last left side run I red lit with a 0.499 reaction time and decided to hold third much longer for experimental purposes. Plus one in the slalom and a 27.0XX. The important lesson learned, which should have been learned in DC, is that you can NOT rely on the announcer. Too bad. Congrats Cy, Corey, Greg, and everyone else. See runs on video and pictures below...

Results: http://scca.com/documents/resultfiles/13630_results%20rt.60ft1%5D.pdf

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  1. Love the team name and the logo. We could use more folk like you, not too many in the DC regional area with a sense of humor.